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Non-Profit Organization Sponsors

A Non-Profit Organization or not-for-profit is defined as “an organization not conducted or maintained for profit, whose net earnings are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes”. Non-profit organizations include associations, community groups, and non-government organizations

Upcoming Proposal Deadlines
Deadlines vary with each non-profit’s request for proposal. Below are links to sites that provide calls for applications for a variety of funding sources. Please read the request for proposal or solicitation for the applicable deadline and proposal requirements. Forms & Instructions
Each non-profit will provide its own proposal instructions and proposal forms. Carefully read the solicitation for requirements on budget forms, line item restrictions, key personnel responsibilities, facilities and administrative costs limitations (F&A)**, signature obligations, etc.

**Please note, the facilities and administrative costs (indirect costs) must be published on the non-profit’s website or in the request for proposal. If not, please inquire concerning their policy and provide written (e-mail, etc.) documentation to OSP. For information on procedures of waiving facilities and administrative costs, please see F&A Rates & Information

Also note , if the F&A rate allowed by the non-profit is less than MSU’s full NICRA rate, the budget should include F&A applied to all costs (total direct costs or TDC).**

News on agency
If you are interested in applying for a grant through a non-profit, please visit the non-profit organization’s website to read current news and events.

Contact Us
Please contact OSP at if you need assistance with non-profit proposals.
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