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Sponsor: State of Michigan

State of Michigan: The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) includes a group responsible for sponsored research between Michigan State University (University) and State of Michigan governmental agencies (SOM). Research and other sponsored activities are monitored by OSP, which provides proposal development and grant administrative services to University faculty and staff seeking funding for research projects from SOM. OSP also serves as a point of contact for any SOM wishing to access the various services available through the University.

SOM has 18 executive departments. Due to the number of state departments, SOM agreements vary considerably in format and content, and may contain provisions that are inconsistent with the policies of the University. Therefore, it is essential that each agreement be reviewed by OSP prior to the University’s acceptance or initiation of work.

Subject to general University policies and procedures, discussions regarding the technical statement of work and other project-related matters should be carried out by the faculty member who will serve as Project Director. However, faculty members are not authorized to negotiate the general terms and conditions of University agreements and should refer such negotiations to OSP. For further information or if questions, University faculty and staff should call 517-355-5040 or email your respective proposal group contact (

OSP is available to assist with the preparation of any proposal. Please comply with the following when seeking OSP assistance:
  1. Please send your budget and copy of the solicitation to your proposal team for review and approval. Please include the deadline and project start dates.
  2. There are a number of departments within the State of Michigan that may require on-line application submission, and the PI should contact their proposal team as early as possible to determine what type of submission may be required.
  3. Route the etransmittal, budget/budget justification, and abstract or statement of work for proper approvals. (Check with your Chair and/or Dean's Office to see what other documents will be required to obtain necessary signature approval).
  4. Please send any forms or documents that require an authorized signature to your proposal team lead or to 301 Administration Building.
Contract Negotiation
If you receive the contract or agreement from the sponsor please send to the attention of the NSF/NIH/SOM team in OSP. Any written agreement committing the University to the performance of a sponsored project forms a contractual relationship. All agreements (grants, contracts, subcontracts, cooperative agreements, and letters of commitment) require review by OSP and must be signed by a MSU authorized official who has been delegated signatory authority by the President.

MSU will not accept any sponsored program which denies the University the right to divulge the source of support or to publish the results of the research. However, MSU may agree to: exclude sponsor-provided privileged information from such publication; submit the proposed publication to the sponsor for review prior to publication; delay publication for a reasonable period of time to permit patent applications.

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