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Noting Special Reviews in Proposal Development

Last Updated: 5/30/2018

The Special Review tab in the Proposal Development document is used to indicate when circumstances exist that may require additional review. Those circumstances are:

  • The inclusion of human subjects, whether sponsor or MSU initiated
  • The inclusion of animals
  • If international activities are taking place
  • The need for additional space or renovations
  • The inclusion of export‐controlled information, if known at the time of proposal


  • OSP/BC Administrators
  • College/Department Administrators
  • Principal Investigators/Key Personnel


  • Proposal includes one of the circumstances listed above


  1. Click on the Special Review tab of the Proposal Development document. Special Review Tab
  2. Select the *Type from the drop down menu, this is a required field and must be completed.
  3. Select the *Approval Status from the drop down menu, this is also a required field.
    • For Human Subjects and Animal Use, unless there is already an approved protocol, Pending should be selected as the Approval Status, even if the Investigator has not yet applied for approval. This is to fulfill federal form requirements.
    • For International Activities you can select Pending or Approved.  This is a flag in the system to identify when international activities are taking place and does not represent approval from International Studies and Programs.
  4. Enter the Protocol Number, if known. A Protocol Number is required if you have selected Human Subjects as your Type, with Approved as the Approval Status.
  5. Enter the Application Date, if you have already submitted an IRB or IACUC protocol for review.
  6. Enter the Approval Date, if you have received an approval letter from the IRB or IACUC for a non‐exempt protocol.
  7. Enter the Expiration Date, if you have received an approval letter from the IRB or IACUC for a non‐exempt protocol.
  8. Select the Exemption # from the scroll down list when “Human Subjects” is selected for Type and the Approval Status is exempt. Please note the Exemption field is intended exclusively for system to system proposals and is related to OHRP regulations. You can select multiple exemption numbers from the list by holding down the control key when clicking on subsequent values.
  9. Click the add button to add the line item to the Special Review tab.
  10. Additional details may be provided in the Comments field. The Comments field in the Special Review Tab
  11. Select the save button at the bottom of the page.

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