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OSP Award Process Roles & Responsibilities

These tables describe the roles and responsibilities of the individuals at MSU involved in Award review, negotiation and acceptance. The categories are not all inclusive but rather provide the primary activities and services needed for a successful Award.

Typically, the college/department Research Administrator (RA) is the liaison between the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contract and Grant Administration (CGA) and the PI; however, in some instances, the PI may act in that lead role.



  • L = Lead Contact
  • R = Reviewer/Assist


Step 1 – Award is received, negotiated and finalized:

Step OSP PI RA Compliance Task
1.0 L        Receive Award Notice, match to proposal, check Visual Compliance (if applicable) and log award into the Negotiation Module
1.1     L    If Proposal is not in OSP system, route proposal record in system
1.2 L        Notification of Award to PI and RA
1.3 L        Review Project for compliance approvals (ex: Export Control, Human Subjects, Animal, COI) and request approval from responsible office or party
1.4   L R    Route Export Control (ECORRW) and/ or COI form (if applicable)
1.5 R     L - ORRS  Obtain copies of IRB and/or IACUC approvals (if completed)
1.6   L R    If IRB and/or IACUC approvals are not completed, complete IRB and/or IACUC protocols
1.7 L R      Review of Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for Award and get confirmation of Statement of Work and Budget and provide feedback on T&Cs to PI
1.8   R L    Provide revised budget to match Award Amount (if applicable) and confirm mandatory cost share is in place (if applicable)
1.9   L R    PI confirmation of T&Cs (PI Letter)
1.10   R L    Requests Advance Account (as applicable)
1.11 L R      Negotiate with Sponsor
1.12   R R L - MSUT and OGC  If problematic IP Language, provide acceptance or disapproval of language to OSP
1.13   R   L - ECTS  If publication restriction, determination if project can go to URO
1.14       L - Risk Management  If problematic insurance language, provide acceptance or disapproval of language to OSP
1.15   R R L - CGA  If problematic financial terms (ex: submitting receipts, financial report deadlines, etc.…), provide acceptance or disapproval of language to OSP
1.16   L R R-OGC and R-CDM office  Submit completed conflict of interest disclosures and confirm 1st read of BOT review has been completed and/or conflict management plans (if applicable)
1.17       R-OGC and R-CDM office  If faculty ownership interest in the Sponsor/Subawardee, confirm Sponsor/Subawardee entity has received BOT approvals. If not, send for review
1.18       L-OGC  If problematic legal terms, provide acceptance or disapproval of language to OSP
1.19   L R R  Get approvals from Sponsor as necessary (e.g. to subcontract, cost approvals, compliance approvals)
1.20 L        Confirm incorporated agreements in Award are finalized (ex: IP, MTA, CDAs)
1.21 L        Confirms all approvals (ex: IRB, IACUC) are on file before Account Set Up in Kuali Research (KR)
1.22 L        Send Partially Executed Agreement
1.23 L        Receive fully executed agreement from Sponsor
1.24 L        Set up award in KR and transfer information to CGA for Account setup


Step 2 – Create and negotiate Subaward(s) with Subrecipient(s) (This is a high-level document. For International Subawards, please refer to ).

Step OSP/CGA PI RA Compliance Task
2.0 R R L    Collect updated subaward documents if needed
2.1 L   R    Reviews subaward budget (including cost share if applicable) & budget justification for allowability and accuracy
2.2 L        Confirms Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, NICRA, (if applicable) with budget and validates effective period on NICRA
2.3 L        Ensures subrecipient COI forms are complete (if applicable).
2.4 L        Checks Visual Compliance to be sure there are no known country restrictions or entity restrictions with the subrecipient
2.5 R L R    If subrecipient was not identified at award set up time, complete ECORRW for subaward (if international or applicable due to VC lookup)
2.6 L        Reviews subrecipient recent audit information and assess risk level
2.7 L R      Confirms type of work subrecipient will be conducting (research, service, etc.)
2.8 L R R    Finalizes plan of payment and schedule (if applicable)
2.9   R L    Obtains approvals for “advance” payment language in subaward (if applicable-generally international subrecipients)
2.10 L        Reviews salary/consultancy rates for reasonableness, checks for initials from Research Administrator/PI on Employee Biographical Data Sheet (USAID only)
2.11 L        Files PDF copy of SAM’s website search results demonstrating delinquent debt record for subrecipient (if applicable)
2.12 L        Write subaward (estimated 10-15 business days after all correct documentation has been received)
2.13 L        Emails draft subaward to Research Administrator for PI/RA approval
2.14   L R    Approves draft subaward and sends confirmation of approval to OSP/CGA
2.15   R L    If subrecipient is international, send draft subaward to subrecipient for review and signature and is responsible for follow up on signature
2.16 L   R    If subrecipient is domestic, send draft subaward to subrecipient for review and signature and is responsible for follow up on signature
2.17 L        Negotiates legal terms of the subaward
2.18   L R    Negotiates programmatic terms of the subaward
2.19 L        Executes subaward for MSU
2.20 L        Emails a copy of the fully executed subaward to the RA and PI.
2.21     L    If subrecipient is international, email a copy of the fully executed subaward to the subrecipient.
2.22 L        If subrecipient is domestic, email a copy of the fully executed subaward to the subrecipient.

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