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Account Setup Roles & Responsibilities

These tables describe the roles and responsibilities of the individuals at MSU involved in the project financial account set–up process.  The categories are not all inclusive but rather provide the primary activities and services needed for setting up a financial account for a new award in Kuali Research (KR), Kuali Financial System (KFS) and Account Explorer (AE).  Some steps occur sequentially, some overlap, and others are performed simultaneously.

Typically, the college/department Research Administrator (RA) is the liaison between the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contract and Grant Administration (CGA) and the PI; however, in some instances, the PI may act in that lead role.


  • L = Lead
  • R = Reviewer
  • * = Communicator with CGA

Account Setup in KC, KFS and AE

Step CGA PI RA Compliance Task
1.1 L        Receive fully executed award from OSP and notification that the award is ready for financial account set-up.
1.2 L R R    Review email from OSP for award and compliance documents, e.g., award type, method of payment, cost share, effort requirements, and ensure compliance documents are current.
1.3 L        KC:  Review award information previously entered in KC by OSP staff. Verify for accuracy.
1.4 L        KC & KFS:  Submit the KC award document.  KFS account document creating the account number is generated.
1.5 L R R    Notify the RA and PI via email, of the KC document award number and new account number.
1.6   R L    KFS:  Fiscal Officer (FO) approval of the KFS account number document.
1.7 L        KC:  Add the award budget in KC.
1.8 L        AE:  Verify that the account populates into AE and project specific information is updated.
1.9 L        AE & KFS:  Review and enter the budget into AE Budget to Actuals tab. Post the budget to KFS.
1.10   R L    KFS:  FO reviews and approves the KFS budget adjustment document.
1.11 L        AE:  Review and enter effort and cost share requirements into AE effort system.
1.12 L        AE:  Review, summarize and enter award terms and conditions into AE Account Detail tab e.g. reporting (financial and technical) requirements, basic terms and conditions, allowable expenses, closeout requirements.
1.13 L        AE:  Email a notification of account set-up, including a copy of the award, through AE to the PI, post award administrator and appropriate CGA financial group.
1.14   L L    Review account set-up notification email details which includes award terms and conditions, effort and other responsibilities.

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