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Award Negotiation & Acceptance

The Award Negotiation and Acceptance stage encompasses the activities that take place after a proposal is submitted, up until the fully-executed (signed) award has been received and passed to the Contract and Grant Administration (CGA) for account set-up.   This is an exciting stage because it is when MSU is first notified that a proposed project will be funded.  It is also where a lot of behind the scenes action is taking place in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) as they review the terms and conditions of the award notice, making sure MSU can accept the terms provided by the sponsor.

Please note awards received from for-profit entities (without a governmental prime source of funding) are processed by Business Connect

For additional information and resources for international sponsored projects, click here.

Just in Time

Upon receipt of a proposal, the sponsor may request additional information or changes to the proposal while it is being considered for funding.  The process of gathering the sponsor-requested information prior to an award being received is often referred to as the Just in Time (JIT) phase.  Click on the Just in Time heading for guidance on how to complete the Just in Time requirements.

Request Hardship/Advance Account

There are times when a faculty member is ready to start working on his/her project before the award has been received or fully-executed.  MSU offers two account options, Advance and Hardship, which allow the department to charge project expenditures to the project account prior to finalizing the award.  Click on the Request Hardship/Advance Account heading to learn more about these types of accounts including how to request an Advance/Hardship account.

Agreement Types and Routing Information

MSU receives many types of agreements each having different characteristics. The main award types are gift, grant, cooperative agreement and contract. Click on the Agreement Types and Routing Information heading to see the description for each of these award types.

MSU OSP Award Process

Awards are received in different formats.  Some awards are emailed directly to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), while others are mailed directly to the faculty member.  Click on the MSU OSP Award Process heading to view information on who the award should be sent to, and the process that is undertaken by the Office of Sponsored Programs when they receive an award notice.

Resources for Faculty Disclosures

The number of disclosures faculty are required to complete continues to increase and become more complex. To help faculty with completing these disclosures we have put together a consolidated chart of commonly required disclosures for sponsored programs. The chart includes the purpose of the disclosure, the office to contact with questions, training/informational resources, and when the disclosure must be completed. The list is not all-inclusive. There may be other disclosures required by the University or a sponsoring agency.


A subaward (or subcontract or subagreement) provides pass-through funds to a lower-tier entity.  We would issue a subaward when MSU receives an award and enlists another entity to complete a specific component or share responsibilities for the project’s design, conduct, and/or reporting.  Provides information on what documents are required from a subaward, how Facilities and Administrative costs are calculated on a subaward, and the difference between a subaward and consultant.

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