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Issue 34: Friday Updates, 6/1/18

Change to the "All My Proposals" Search

The All My Proposals search on the Researcher tab has been changed to accommodate faculty requests and to eliminate confusion.  Faculty were expecting this search to display proposals they were included on, however, the search was designed to pull all PD documents that the faculty had initiated.  At MSU faculty generally do not initiate their own proposals, therefore the results were not meeting faculty expectations.  Now when clicking on the All My Proposals link from the Researcher tab, the system will default to an Institutional Proposal search with the name of the person logged in, in the Investigator field.  The search results will include all submitted proposals where the person logged in was included as the PI, Co-I or Key Person.

We’ve received feedback from some administrators that they would like the old search to still be available.  The following link will provide the same search results once you change the Initiator field to your own MSU NetID:

We have an enhancement request to add a new search that was equivalent to the old All My Proposals search. We will communicate through the System Implementation Updates when the search is available.

How to Budget Summer Salary for the NIH Salary Cap

Next Friday, June 8th, a new object code called Summer Salary Cap will be added to KC.  This object code can be utilized when budgeting summer salary for a faculty member who is over the NIH Salary Cap.  The Salary Cap object code that is currently in the list calculates fringe benefits using the SI rate for the AY time period.  The upcoming Summer Salary Cap object code will calculate the fringe rate at 7.65%.  

In the meantime, to calculate the correct fringe rate use the Faculty (Summer Salary) object code.  If you are budgeting summer salary for other faculty members who are under the cap, you can use the Group feature for the faculty member who is over the cap.  When using the group feature, it will include the Faculty (Summer Salary) object code for the faculty member who is over the cap within their own special group, so you can uncheck the inflation option. See Issue #16 for instructions on how to use the Group feature. 

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