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Research Administration System Implementation Committee (RASIC)

What is RASIC?

Co-chaired by Laura Johnston (OSP Assistant Director) and Evonne Pedawi (CGA Director), the Research Administration System Implementation Committee (RASIC) was created in February 2016.  The RASIC Committee serves as subject matter experts and system liaisons for their units. The committee meets monthly to review the Kuali Research (KR) system, discuss system improvements/process changes, and reporting challenges/opportunities. To help facilitate the reporting needs of colleges and departments, RASIC created the RASIC Reporting Group to create and share suggestions for new reports and queries to be designed through the BI Reporting Tool.

Who is on RASIC?

Campus committee members were nominated by college research deans to represent their units. Backup representatives attend meetings in the event the primary representative is unable to attend.  Committee members include: 

College/Office Rep Name Backup Rep
Ag & Natural Resources Lori Bramble  
Ag & Natural Resources Courtney Peatross  
Arts & Letters Barbara Miller  
Business-CONNECT Randy Sheets Tina Ramos
Business College - Broad Cindy Majeske  
Com Arts Kelly Feinberg  
CGA Evonne Pedawi Kristy Smith
CGA Stacy Salisbury  
Education Jeannie Patrick Amy Olle
Engineering Alex Delavan  
Extension Sarah Grubb  
FCOI Office Jessica Swartz  
FRIB Richard Jacobson  
Human Medicine Theresa Couch  
Human Medicine Cathy Grysiewicz  
ISP Jessica Eggleston  
Lyman Briggs Michelle McLain  
Natural Science Judy Brown  
Natural Science Dania Diaz  
OSP Katie Cook  
OSP Laura Johnston  
Social Science Sara Allison  
SPA (staff) Amy Bane  
SPA Marc Melton  
Vet Med Colette Zulu  
Vet Med Ashley Russell  


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