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NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research. They seek to develop innovative technologies, knowledge, and infrastructures to support decisions for human exploration and to promote international and commercial participation in U.S. exploration efforts.

Proposal Submission Overview:

Proposals are submitted through NASA's "Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System" electronic system (see link This web-based system supports the entire lifecycle of NASA research solicitation and awards, from the release of solicitation announcements through the peer review and selection process, to awards management and publication of research results.  The PI must register in the NSPIRES system to prepare proposals and OSP submits the proposal on behalf of MSU.

Step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal:

To register on the NSPIRES website:

  1. Click either “Getting an Account” on the left side panel or “Registration Information” on the right side panel.
  2. Once registered, the NSPIRES system sends an email to MSU’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to link the account to MSU.  (Note: each team member must create own user account)

To prepare a proposal on the NSPIRES website:

  1. Login
  2. Click “Proposals/NOIs”
  3. Click “Create Proposal” on right side of screen
  4. Select Proposal Source accordingly (open solicitations, notice-of-intent, or collaborative proposal)
  5. Enter proposal title and select MSU as the submitting organization

Proposal has two primary sections:

  1. Proposal Cover Page
    1. Proposal Summary
    2. Business Data
    3. Budget (must be approved by OSP)
    4. Program Specific Data
    5. Proposal Team (each member must create own user account and certify the proposal)
  2. Proposal Attachments
    1. Complete as required by the solicitation and must be in PDF format

To release to OSP for submission:

  1. Click “Check Elements” button to confirm requirements have been met
    1. Red X - errors that must be corrected
    2. Green check mark - all other elements have passed requirements
  2. Click “Generate” to view proposal – this creates a PDF titled “Draft Proposal” for ease of review
  3. Click “Release to Organization” to allow OSP to review and submit proposal

Various proposal status types in NSPIRES (

  1. Pending is a proposal cover page that is in process, but not yet linked to an organization. Only the PI (and any team member who has been granted privileges) can edit the cover page or upload documents in this status.
  2. Linked is a proposal cover page that is in process, and linked to the organization that is going to submit it. Once a proposal is linked, appropriately privileged personnel in the office who will be submitting the proposal (typically the AOR) will have access to the proposal and can, if necessary, lock the proposal.
  3. A locked proposal cannot be edited by the PI or team members. A proposal becomes locked when the PI clicks the "Release to Org" button. A proposal can also be locked by the AOR, who can also unlock a proposal if further editing by the PI is needed.
  4. A rejected proposal is returned by the organization to the PI. It can be edited by the PI and re-released to the organization if the organization reinstates the proposal and unlocks it.
  5. A submitted proposal has been submitted to NASA by the AOR. Submitted proposals no longer appear on the "Unsubmitted Proposals/NOIs" page of a PI's proposals page. Submitted proposals are shown on the "Submitted Proposals/NOIs" page. When a proposal is submitted to NASA, the PI and AOR both receive an email "receipt" from the system confirming submission. Submitted proposals are then entered into the NASA review process.
  6. A returned proposal has been returned by NASA to the submitting organization, usually because it was deemed to be non-compliant with the requirements set forth in the solicitation. It will not be further considered by NASA for review or selection.
  7. A withdrawn proposal is pulled back from NASA by the organization. If this is done prior to the proposal due date, the proposal could be re-submitted (it will be given a new proposal number). After the proposal due date, the proposal cannot be re-submitted.

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