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Completing the Global Activities e-Disclosure (GAED)

This job aid outlines the steps for completing and editing a Global Activities e-Disclosure.  Please refer to our Global Activities e-Disclosure FAQs page if you have questions about the types of activities that need to be disclosed.  For general information related to issues of non-domestic influence, please refer to our Non-Domestic Influence FAQs. Disclosure requirements by agency, including examples of what must be included, can be found on the Current and Pending/Other Support Requirements by Sponsor webpage.

NOTE: Completing the Global Activities e-Disclosure does not remove the need to provide this information on other disclosures such as Current and Pending/Other Support with grant applications, conflict of interest disclosures, intellectual property disclosures, etc.


  • All MSU Investigators (PIs, Co-PIs, Co-Is) and Key Personnel included on federal proposal submissions


  • Annually, and
  • Within thirty days of acquiring any new resources or relationships with any non-U.S. entities or with any change in details/relationships with current global activities.


  1. Access the disclosure through the Global Activities e-Disclosure link, or from the Frequently Used Tools section of the Sponsored Programs website. Global Activities e-Disclosure link indicated in the Frequently Used Tools box
  2. Log-in using your MSU NetID and Password.  You will be prompted to log-in using two-factor authentication if you have not already done so for another MSU system.
  3. Answer the Global Activities e-Disclosure question that appears in the blue box, by clicking the circular button next to the Yes or No responses. Please refer to our Global Activities e-Disclosure FAQs page if you have any questions about completing this disclosure. 
  4. stop iconIf your answer is No, proceed with step 4. If your answer is Yes, skip to step 6.

  5. If you answered “No, I don’t have any new global activities disclosures at this time,” click one of the pink Submit buttons.  Submit Buttons indicated when the No option is selected
  6. Once you click Submit, a Complete Certification box will appear with a certification statement.  To complete your Global Activities e-Disclosure, read the statement and click the Submit Certification button.  If you would like to return to your Global Activities e-Disclosure, click the Close button.  Proceed to step 13 for additional information on completing your disclosure. Submit Certification button indicated on Complete Certification box
  7. If you answered, “Yes, I need to add or edit a global activities disclosure,” a pop-up message with disclosure instructions will appear.  After reading the instructions, click the Close button to close the message.Close button indicated on the Disclosure Instructions box
  8. Click the Add a Global Activity button to add a new global activity, or click the Edit button next to the previously reported global activity that you would like to change.