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Sponsor: US Agency for Intl. Development (USAID)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States. USAID WORK:

For basic guidance on preparing both solicited and unsolicited proposals, please refer to Education & Universities website and the OSP International Sponsors webpage. Specific questions on this guidance and HEC partnerships with USAID in general should be directed to Gary Bittner, gbittner@USAID.GOV USAID's Higher Education Community Liaison

All USAID solicitations are posted on the USAID Business & Procurement Internet site:
Instructions on how to apply for each USAID-solicited program are contained in each solicitation. Each solicitation also includes a point of contact and contact information. If you are interested in submitting an "unsolicited" proposal for USAID review, follow instructions provided in the Guide To USAID's Assistance Application Process and to Submitting Unsolicited Assistance Applications.

In addition funding opportunities and related upcoming deadlines are found at the following websites:

Please, note that our office submits your application on behalf of MSU, therefore there is no need for you to register with Grants.Gov system.

Forms & Instructions
Required forms are usually listed in a solicitation. Additionally, you may want to contact the respective program officer also listed in the solicitation to discuss your areas of research, posted funding opportunities and the nature of the work currently funded by USAID.

General forms associated with proposal submission can be found at Management and Budget Forms and Documents:

MSU Personnel

There are two options for budgeting faculty salary for when the PI’s annualized* salary exceeds the USAID salary cap.  The department can budget the maximum USAID amount allowed or they can follow the USAID Salary Cap exception guidelines as specified in ADS §302.3.6.10(a)(2,4). 

  • Option 1 - Use the USAID Maximum Daily Rate amount found here.  The daily rate is based on 260 days per year.
    • A note should be added to the eTransmittal indicating that the department elected to use the USAID maximum and agrees to cover the cost shared difference.
  • Option 2 - Follow the USAID Salary Cap exception guidelines:
    • The proposal should include a proposal cover letter specifying that the proposal includes salary that exceeds the USAID CTS maximum rate.
    • The budget narrative should provide the calculations for the requested rate (e.g. 229 days for a 12 month faculty appointment; 188 days for a 9 month faculty appointment; 260 days for staff) using their projected salary amount.

*to annualize a 9 month appointment, take the base salary divide by 188 days then multiply by 229 days.

Additional USAID salary cap information can be found at the following links:

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