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The Attachments Form used by some of our sponsors (ex., DoD’s CDMRP, NEH) was previously included in the PD as a User Attached Form. In KR, this form is now available and does not need to be included as User Attached.

Attachments Form

To ensure the files are included in the application package with the correct filenames and/or in a specific order, please follow these tips:

  1. When uploading the attachments in the Attachments option, choose the Attachment Type ‘Attachments’. In the Description, enter the filename the way it should be included in the application package. Note: The filename/Description can only be 50 characters (anything over 50 characters will result in a validation error).

Attachments Form Details Popup

  1. After uploading all the attachments, reorder the attachments using the up and down arrow keys on the right-hand side. In KR, they should display in reverse order from how they need to be included on the Attachments Form. For example, if the sponsor requests the SOW to be included as Attachment 1, the Bibliography as Attachment 2, and Resumes as Attachment 3, include them in the Proposal option in the opposite order (see screenshot below).

Attachments Display

If uploading multiple attachments at once using the ‘Upload & Add’, after they’re uploaded choose ‘Attachments’ for the Type for each attachment and enter the Description in the box available (as shown above), then reorder as needed using the arrows.


The Research & Related Personal Data form populates data for the PI and up to four Co-PD/PIs.  The KR system is currently trying to map additional Co-PD/PI’s to the form, resulting in a error.  If you have more than four Co-PD/PIs on an S2S submission and the opportunity includes the R&R Personal Data form, you will need to complete and attach this form as User Attached in order to avoid the errors.  We are currently working with Kuali to fix this issue.

Research & Related Personal Data

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Below is an updated list of issues that have been reported.  We are working hard at fixing these issues and we’re optimistic that some are getting closer to being implemented.

  • Budget Reports - The enhancements we had made to the KC Budget Reports, as well as the export to Excel option, are still not available in KR.  We have this as a high priority and hope to have some options available as soon as possible.
  • Conflict of Interest disclosure information not pulling into KR – We are still working on pulling Conflict of Interest disclosure information into the COI Disclosure suboption in PD.  Contact the KR Helpdesk to verify if someone has completed a COI disclosure.
  • Errors with Recall – Errors are sporadically occurring when some PDs are recalled out of route, or at other times, a PD will be successfully recalled, but errors are received when trying to submit the recalled PD back into route.  Please work with your Proposal Team or BC if this happens in your PD document.
  • Adding notes during route – Currently notes cannot be added while a PD is routing for approvals. 
  • Personnel display order in budgets – The ordering of Project Personnel doesn’t always appear in sequential order.  This impacts the display only and seems to occur most frequently when additional TBN positions are added, or when the personnel count exceeds 10 people.  The calculations in the budget are correct. 

Project Personnel Ordering

  • Errors with Credit Allocation – This will be fixed by 5/17/22 - When adding a Key Person to the Credit Allocation you may run across issues where the F&A credit doesn’t transfer over to the Space credit column.  If you notice this in the Credit Allocation for a PD, please reach out to the KR Helpdesk or your Proposal Team member.  They may be able to assist you with a workaround.
  • PD Search – In the PD Search, not all of the results are being returned, and in some instances, the most recent result is not returned at the top of the list. 

Please continue to reach out to the KR Helpdesk when you run across any errors, issues or to provide other feedback on the system.


The following issues have been fixed in KR:

  • Faculty should be able to successfully complete project based and annual disclosures.  If a faculty member does not see an Update Disclosure button, please contact the KR Helpdesk.
  • The maximum file attachment size has been increased from 10 MB to 600 MB. Users were previously unable to attach files that were bigger than 10 MB.

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