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We are continuing to notice that faculty are not clicking the radio dial next to Complete Project Based Disclosure when trying to complete a project based COI disclosure.

Conflict of Interest Update Annual Disclosure image

If you have a faculty member that is struggling with completing a project based disclosure, please verify that they are selecting this option. For additional instructions on completing project based disclosures, please guide faculty to the Investigator Proposal Review and Approval and Completing the Related COI Disclosure job aid. The instructions for completing a project based disclosure start on step 17.


Below is an updated list of issues that have been reported. We are working hard at fixing these issues and we’re optimistic that some are getting closer to being implemented.

  • Budget Reports – Some of the budget reports still need to be updated. They are Budget Reports #3, #7 and #8. We are also still working on the export to Excel option for all budget reports.
  • Conflict of Interest disclosure information not pulling into KR – We are still working on pulling Conflict of Interest disclosure information into the proposal development document. Contact the KR Helpdesk to verify if someone has completed a COI disclosure.
  • Adding notes during route – Currently notes cannot be added while a PD is routing for approvals.
  • Personnel display order in budgets – The ordering of Project Personnel doesn’t always appear in sequential order. This impacts the display only and seems to occur most frequently when additional TBN positions are added, or when the personnel count exceeds 10 people. The calculations in the budget are correct.

Project Personnel

  • PD Search – In the PD Search, not all of the results are being returned, and in some instances, the most recent result is not returned at the top of the list.
  • Slow performance – Something is happening behind the scenes that is sporadically bringing down some of our servers. This is causing extreme slowness and/or kicking users out of the system.  We are working with IT Services to help correct this issue.
  • Permissions – When trying to grant another user access/permissions to a PD document, the system is throwing an error and the user is unable to be added. If a PD document needsto have someone added with permissions, please contact the KR Helpdesk.
  • Mandatory User Attached Forms – Currently you will receive an error message if you try to pull in an S2S opportunity with a mandatory User Attached Form (UAF) and that UAF has not been attached yet. The mandatory UAF must be attached first, and then the S2S Opportunity can be added.
  • Graduate student fringe benefits not mapping correctly to S2S budget forms – For some S2S submissions we have noticed that when using different object codes to budget graduate students, the fringe benefits may not map properly to the S2S budget form. For example:
    • when adding a grad using the Graduate Student object code (which maps to the Graduate Student budget category), and then
    • adding another object code for Student Labor (Summer) and adjusting the Budget Category to Graduate Student,
    • the fringe benefits pull from one of the object codes rather than adding them together for the S2S budget form.

Please continue to reach out to the KR Helpdesk when you run across any errors, issues, or to provide other feedback on the system.


The following issues have been fixed in KR:

  • Errors with Recall – We have pushed a fix that should take care of the errors that users were experiencing when recalling proposals, or submitting recalled proposals back into route. If you receive errors when recalling, please contact the KR Helpdesk.

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