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Budget Overview Panel Has Been Added

A new Budget Overview panel has been added to the KR Budget Module. The panel is very similar to what used to be in the Budget Module in KC, and includes cost share totals. Some features and instructions for the panel are:

  • The panel is displayed under the [ Period ] tabs in both the Personnel and Non-Personnel options.
image showing the new budget overview panel
  • The default is for the panel to be hidden. Click the triangle [ ] icon to display the Budget Overview panel. The panel will need to be opened on each [ Period ] tab and will stay open unless the triangle is clicked to close it.
image showing where to click to print to excel
  • There are two columns: The column on the left (in green) displays dates and totals for the current [ Period ] tab that you are on. The column on the right (in yellow) displays dates and totals for the Total Project Period.
  • For the totals to calculate appropriately you must click the Save button at the bottom of the tab after changes have been made.

If you have any questions related to this new feature, please contact the KR Helpdesk.

Sync All Rates on Personnel Option Is Fixed

Previously, you may have clicked on [ Sync All Rates ] from the Personnel option and noticed that the rates did not change. This has been fixed. You may now [ Sync All Rates ] from either the Personnel or the Rates option. Please contact the KR Helpdesk if you notice any issues with syncing rates.

image showing sync all rates button on personnel option

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