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Issue 12: Friday Updates, 8/11/17

*NEW* - Activity Type & Proposal Type Definitions on the Web

We are continuing to update the content on the Prepare Proposal Development Document webpage to provide additional information and resources for completing Proposal Development documents.  This week we have added hide/show buttons with tables that provide sponsor naming conventions, Activity Type definitions, and guidance on what Proposal Type is appropriate for different scenarios (see below for new text copied from the Prepare Proposal Development Document webpage).  We hope this information will assist with proposal preparation.

Sponsor Naming Conventions

Certain words within sponsor names have been abbreviated in the KC Sponsor Table in order to stay within character limitations and to promote consistency between sponsors. For a list of the naming conventions that should be used when searching by Sponsor Name in KC, view the Sponsor Naming Conventions table  .

Activity Type and Proposal Type Definitions

For definitions of the Activity Types, and guidance on what Proposal Type to select for your Proposal Development document, view the Activity Type Definitions and Proposal Type tables below.

Activity Type Definitions table  
Proposal Type table  

How to Budget Fringe Benefits When Opting Out of Retirement

If you are budgeting an individual that is eligible for the retirement benefit, however they have opted not to take the benefit and you would like to exclude this benefit from your proposal budget, please take the following steps:

  1. When adding the person in the Personnel Detail panel, create a Group by typing in a group name to distinguish this person’s unique situation. No Retirement button highlighted in the Group column of the Personnel Detail panel
  2. A new subpanel will be added for this person with the name you entered for the Group. Example of a Staff (Salaries and Wages)/No Retirement subpanel in KC
  3. Under this subpanel, click show on the subpanel for Details and show again on the subpanel for Rate Classes.
  4. On the Rate Classes subpanel uncheck the box in the Apply Rate? column for the line with MSU Retirement as the Rate Type. This will tell the system not to include retirement in the fringe benefit calculation for this person. Example of the Rate Classes subpanel in KC with the Apply Rate? checkbox left unchecked for the retirement rate type

Implications of the Change for Co-PD/PI and Co-Investigator Roles

Last week we pushed a change that allowed Key Personnel to be added with a Co-PD/PI role or with a Co-Investigator role. For S2S proposals that were In Progress or Enroute with Key Personnel that had been added to PD’s with the Co-Investigator role prior to this code change (in the evening on 8/4/2017), their role on the federal Senior/Key Personnel form changed from Co-PD/PI to Co-Investigator. For applications being submitted S2S please verify that the appropriate role is identified on the Senior/Key Personnel form. Proposals for NIH agencies and CDC were excluded from this change.

Where to See the Status of S2S Proposal Submissions

We've received a few questions on why administrators and PI's no longer receive the submission emails from OSP. This is because the status is now automatically fed into our system directly from and can be viewed by anyone who has access to the Proposal Development (PD) document. The status can be verified at any time by navigating to the S2S tab within the PD, and clicking show on the Submission Details subpanel. Click the refresh button to retrieve the latest status from If you have any questions related to the status of your System-to-System proposal submission please contact your OSP Proposal Team.

Example of the Submission Details subpanel accessed from the S2S tab in a proposal development document

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