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Managing the Action List

Last Updated: 2/2/2016

The action list provides the user with a “to do” list. The documents in the list are awaiting some kind of action, decision, or review. Actions could include Complete, FYI, Acknowledge, and Approve.


All Users


Looking for documents that need some type of action; Complete, Approve, Acknowledge, or simply review as an FYI.


NOTE: The Action List can be sorted by clicking on the underlined header of the column.

  1. Click on the action list button found at the top left of the screen

    Kuali Coeus Action List button

  2. Click the Id number of the desired action to go directly to the full document

    Example Identification Number link for a proposal

  3. In the Log column, click the icon to view the workflow for the document. This displays the route log, shows what type of action is needed and who needs to take the action. Clicking the show button on the Future Actions panel displays the names of the individuals, or group, that will likely take action on the document next, based on current information. This information will change if an ad-hoc reviewer/approver is added.
  4. Some actions, such as FYI, can be taken from the Action List. Click the down arrow in the Actions column, select the action, and click on the take actions button. You can also change the dropdown option in the Actions column for all documents in your action list at one time by using the apply default feature. See the Action List Options section at the end of this document for more information.

    Document Action List with Actions dropdown expanded to show options of None and FYI for example document

  5. The most frequently requested actions are:
Action Definition
Complete Open, save, and chage an incomplete portion of a document. The document will remain in your Action List until it is submitted or deleted. 
FYI A courtesy notification allowing someone to view the document. Note a document that has outstanding FYI requests will reach Final status once all required approvals have been granted.
Approve Review and verify the proposed content is acceptable. Approved documents continue routing to additional approvers listed (if applicable).
Acknowledge Individuals on the routing list may view and acknowledge an e-Doc, without the need for an approval, Users must open and press the Acknowledge button, however, for the document to reach Final status. The “Process” status is for documents that are fully approved but have outstanding “Acknowledge” request(s). Individuals that have approved a document that is later disapproved by a subsequent reviewer will receive a request in their action list to Acknowledge the document was disapproved.


Action List Options

  1. Preferences buttonClick the preferences button to launch the Workflow Preference screen. This allows the user to configure their Action List in a variety of ways. Refer to the Modifying User Preferences Quick Help Guide for more information
  2. Clicking the Refresh button will update the system to include documents or actions that may have been taken while the action list was opened
  3. Click the filter button at the top right of the screen to define your document search
    1. The Parameters panel allows the user to choose the information appearing on the Action List
    2. Check the Exclude? box to remove items from appearing in the Action List
    3. Click clear or reset at the bottom of the page to clear filtered items and return to the original view

      Parameters subpanel showing document filter options such as title, route status, and document type

  4. Modify the dropdown option in the Actions column for all applicable documents in your action liste at one time by selecting the proper action from the dropdown at the top of the screen and clicking the apply default box.

    Apply Default button

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