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Summary of SPA Website Changes


Expanded the National Institutes of Health (NIH) section of the Current and Pending / Other Support Requirements by Sponsor webpage.


Added the Biographical Sketch Requirements by Sponsor webpage to the Develop Proposal subsection.


The Fellowships webpage was added to the Develop Proposal subsection.


OSP created the Field by Field Info for NSF Current & Pending Form webpage to provide guidance on how to fill out the new Current & Pending Fillable Forms.


Added the Faculty Separation & Changes page to provide guidance on what to review and update when faculty members leave MSU.


Updated the Current and Pending / Other Support Requirements by Sponsor page to reflect changes to NIH's GPS policy and NSF's PAPPG.


Changed the Award Types page title to Agreement Types and Routing Information and expanded the page content.


Added a new template Other Support document to the website.


Added a new KC form to the Forms and Templates page. The new form is for requesting the addition of ORCiDs to the KC System.


Added the Current and Pending / Other Support Requirements by Sponsor page to share information related to research integrity, transparency, and foreign influence.


Updated the content and formatting in the Sponsor Information pages.


Updated the International Insurance Requirements and Resources page to reference the new MSU international health insurance provider.


Added an OSP Proposal Timeline page to update and replace the timeline graphic on the Proposal Submission Deadline Policy page.


Added an Expense Processing FAQs page to the Monitoring & Oversight section of the site.


Added MSU Affiliate Request form to the KC subsection of the Forms and Templates page.


Added USDA F&A calculator spreadsheet to "Proposal" section of Tools web page and the news section of the USDA sponsor page.


Added new roles and responsibilities guidance pages and linked to an overview web page.


Uploaded and linked the Subaward Modification Request Form and instructions to the Subawards web page.


Updated the Award Negotiation and Acceptance section of the website with a new MSU OSP Award Process subsection to provide information on who an award should be sent to and OSP's process for handling award notifications.


Added the May 2018 GRAND Forum presentation materials to the GRAND Forum Presentations webpage.


Added a list of the Sponsored Programs Advisory Committee's 2017-2018 accomplishments to the SPAC webpage.


Added a Public Access Requirements webpage and linked to Resources, Initiatives, and Related Units.


Updated Research Associates section of the 2017/2018 Fringe Benefits for Sponsored Projects webpage to reflect MSU policy on retirement for newly hired research associates.


Converted VPRGS job aids for KC from PDFs into webpages and linked to new KC Training Materials web page. KC training videos also linked to the KC Training Materials page.


Added new page summarizing the NSF PAPPG 18-1 Changes Effective January 2018 and linked it to the Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF) page.


Updated the Subaward webpage with details on how MSU's participation in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Project impacts completion of the Subrecipient Commitment Form. Also, a Letter of Intent example was added to the Forms page.


Created a page on how to add User Attached Forms in the KC system and linked the new page to the Prepare Proposal Development Document page in the User Attached Forms section.


The Salary Budget Builder tool was removed from the website as it was replaced by the budget module in Kuali Coeus (KC).


Added links to videos on subaward proposal preparation and finalizing subawards to the International Subrecipients page. Also, new videos were added to the subrecipient download resources on the same page.


Updated the Subrecipient Commitment Form to accommodate the requirements of participation in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Project. The idea behind the project is to utilize a central online repository of University information to reduce time and resources previously spent sending and collecting subaward entity information at the proposal stage. As part of our participation in this project, OSP will now only collect project specific information from the Universities participating in this initiative.


In response to the fringe benefit rate changes for fiscal year 2017/2018, the following website content was updated:

05/26/2017 - 08/04/2017

Kuali Coeus (KC) Friday Updates: added a series of web pages providing tips and instructions on using the KC System and linked the pages to the KC / Research Administration training page.

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