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Equipment should be listed individually with a description and estimated cost.  The budget justification should address the project need and the lack of available comparable research equipment or other related devise. Equipment is defined as having useful life of more than one year and a stand-alone per-unit acquisition cost which equals or exceeds $5,000 (see the Materials and Supplies category when less than $5,000 or having a useful life of less than a year).  The acquisition cost can include modifications, attachments, and accessories necessary to make the property usable for the purpose for which it was purchased (excluding such items as maintenance plans and warranties, operating supplies, handling fees, training costs, software licenses and project personnel salaries related to fabricated equipment).  Where appropriate, an analysis shall be made of lease and purchase alternatives to determine which would be the most economical and practical procurement method.  Leasing of computer equipment is budgeted under the Computer Services category.  Equipment costs are usually excluded from the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost calculation (exceptions apply).  See the MSU Manual of Business Procedures (MBP) for more information.

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