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What is is a single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. At you will find how to find and apply for grant opportunities. This system was developed as a result of the Grants Streamlining Initiative P.L. 106-107 to be a single electronic system to find and apply for Federal grant opportunities. Visit the site to review funding announcements for Federal agencies:

What is Workspace?

Workspace is the web application used by to apply for federal grants.

When will Workspace Be Used at MSU?

Workspace will only be used when it is determined that an application cannot be submitted via the Kuali Research (KR) System-to-System functionality.  This may be due to forms that are not supported, budget requirements that cannot be accomplished with the KR Budget Module, or other solicitation requirements that are not supported by S2S.  Please work with your OSP Proposal Team for clearance to submit outside of KR for applications.

Do I need to register with

If you would like to participate in’s Opportunity Subscription Management, where you can subscribe to receive certain opportunity announcements, then yes, you will need to register with Also, if another organization would like to include you as a Participant to assist with completing MSU’s portion (as the subawardee) of the application, you would need to sign up.

How do I register with

  1. See the Applicant Registration page for instructions on how to register a account.
  2. Once you have registered an account with, please follow the instructions on how to add an Organization Applicant Profile in order to associate your account with MSU.  The DUNS number for MSU is 1932471450000.

Important Information in Application Guidelines is a web portal or post office for many federal grant applications. Agencies may have specific requirements for submitting their individual application. Many application errors are due to proposal errors which did not follow application guidelines and therefore validations in or the specific agency's post submission system will return the proposal for editing and resubmission. The application must be approved in before it is forwarded to the agency. A proposal is not accepted as being on time until it passes edits and is successfully accepted in the agency's post submission system (if applicable to that agency).

Who to Contact at Michigan State University

Your OSP Proposal Team is aware of specific agency requirements and technical difficulties relating to

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