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Faculty Separation Guide Instructions

These instructions provide guidance to faculty members who are leaving the University (including retirees) and are involved in sponsored program activities. This document will assist in identifying the actions required for the proper transfer and/or closeout of sponsored program accounts. The MSU Principal Investigator Separation Checklist should be completed by the PI/Department and submitted to CGA. This document serves as general guidance and may not be inclusive of all awarding agency requirements and/or unique project circumstances.

Principal Investigator Separation Checklist

This Principal Investigator (PI) Separation Checklist (Checklist) should be used by the PI and college/department administration to determine what activities must be initiated for the PI separation. A PI separation is defined as termination of employment, resignation or retirement from the University.

The activities of the Checklist should be completed by the college/department administrator and the separating PI. Please note that the activities should include the PI’s other unit affiliations, if applicable. The purpose of this Checklist is to assist in the timely completion of tasks associated with closeout procedures for sponsored programs and confirm that all aspects of the PI’s relationship with the University are appropriately concluded and terminated.

Dean and/or Chairperson approval will be necessary for any transfers, early relinquishments, and/or PI changes. Please also refer to the sponsor’s specific terms and conditions regarding transfers of awards.

This document and resultant activity from the separation process will serve:

  1. To promote effective processes for termination and closeout of sponsored programs;
  2. To comply with institutional, state, federal and non‐federal sponsor guidelines regarding transfer of grants and property and closeout;
  3. Provide accountability and responsibilities to the appropriate parties;
  4. To provide points of contact and enhance communication;
  5. To safeguard against the loss of institutional assets and research data;
  6. To focus on the continued safety and care of human and animal study subjects.


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